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Whether your PA Program is pursuing initial provisional status, hoping to get off probation, or working towards continuing status, Massey & Martin, LLC provides personalized services to help your PA Program succeed.

Provisional Application Provisional Monitoring Final Provisional Continuing Accreditation Probation Focused

"The Massey & Martin team are great and their years of experience compliment each other. I would highly recommend Massey & Martin, LLC's services."

Tiffany Maxwell
University of Maryland Eastern Shore Physician Assistant Program

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Struggling with a specific issue within your PA Program? Talk to an experienced consultant!

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Comprehensive Data Services

We offer comprehensive data analysis services for Appendix 14 of the 5th Edition ARC-PA Self-Study Report.

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Feasibility Exploration

As you consider implementing a PA program, consult with the experts and gain helpful insights!

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Advanced Assessment

This assessment will provide the foundation for Appendix 14 of the Self-Study Report (SSR), as well as create a comprehensive programmatic self-assessment system

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Enrollment Increase

If your PA Program is seeking to increase its class size, we'll help guide you through the process to enhance the likelihood of the application being successfully reviewed by the ARC-PA

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