Provisional Application Services


This package provides support to PA programs throughout the initial provisional application phase, including preparation for the onsite visit. 


Massey & Martin, LLC will provide the following services: 

  • Assist with hiring and mentoring of new PA program director via teleconference 

  •  Conduct extensive document review with PA program director during developmental phase 

  • Assist with development of curriculum, including unlimited access to intellectual property necessary to achieve provisional standards 

  • Provide comprehensive PA program assessment of the didactic and clinical curriculum 

  • Provide detailed recommendations for improvement after the assessment of application materials 

  • Conduct comprehensive review of PA program’s compliance with ARC-PA standards and recommendations to achieve successful accreditation 

  • Provide guidance with development of comprehensive data analysis system 

  • Conduct a 2-day Provisional Accreditation mock visit; conducted by Dr. Scott Massey and Dr. Helen Martin

    • Completion of comprehensive report regarding perspective on PA program’s relative compliance with ARC-PA standards 

    • Provide final report, including potential citations and recommendations for improvement prior to actual site visit 

    • Provide assistance with responses to any citations given after ARC-PA site visit

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