Massey & Martin, LLC offers a variety of workshops intended to equip your PA faculty and staff with the skills, knowledge, and expertise they need to help your PA students succeed. Our workshops are offered virtually or in-person and are offered as a one- or two-day workshop, depending on your needs.

Our workshops are...


Our workshops are personalized to focus on what your PA faculty and staff need most—we work with you to ensure our workshops connect with your specific PA Program.


We believe collaboration is the key to success, so we incorporate several opportunities for collaborative discussion and team-building activities during our workshops.


We provide up-to-date information in all of our workshops so your PA faculty understand and feel confident about new changes in PA Education.

""Massey & Martin, LLC were reliable and responsive PA program consultants. Their expertise and commitment to education, assessment, research, and development is quite obvious and invaluable." "

Lorraine Cashin
Mercy College Physician Assistant Program

Faculty Development

This package provides support to PA programs by assessing individual program needs and designing development programs for the program faculty.

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Student Success

This workshop, for new and experienced faculty, uses relevant theoretical frameworks, like principles of self-directed learning, reflective practice, and situated learning.

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5th Edition Standards

The purpose of this workshop is to comprehensively review the new 5th Edition Standards regarding the Self-Study Report. PA Programs have the choice for a one- or two-day workshop.

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Raise PANCE Pass Rate

If your PA program experienced a recent drop in first-time test-taker pass rates on the PANCE, this individualized workshop will show you how to raise the pass rates.

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