Enrollment Increase Services


If your institution is seeking to increase the class size of your PA program, this package will guide you through the process to enhance the likelihood of the application being successfully reviewed by the ARC-PA. Ensuring a successful application involves a series of crucial steps to demonstrate the programs readiness for an expansion of class size.


Massey & Martin, LLC will guide the program through the following key steps as the application is completed:

  • Determine which type of increase you are requesting

  • Establish student attrition

  • Provide a rationale

  • Regional analysis

    • Competitive Landscape: A summary of State PA programs, number of graduates per year, accreditation status, location, distance from each school, tuition (in state versus out of state), length of the programs, number of students per program, and graduation rates

    • Job Outlook: A projected growth of employment for PAs over the next five years, number of job postings in the US (locally and within your state)

    • Supply and demand, annual mean wages, other healthcare occupations, vital statistics and health status indicators, facility data, and socio-economic data

  • Discuss adequacy of resources

  • Explain budget changes

  • Describe personnel

  • Explain classroom and laboratory spaces

  • Describe technological resources

  • Explain clinical site development process

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