Advanced Assessment Services


This service is for PA programs lacking the current resources to maintain compliance with the ARC-PA standards regarding the programmatic self-assessment. Massey & Martin, LLC  incorporate the advanced assessment support package. 

Dr. Massey and Dr. Martin also provide assessment services, including data analytics. This assessment will provide the foundation of Appendix 14 of the SSR, as well as a comprehensive programmatic self-assessment system. 

This support services utilizes the collective resources of Dr. Scott Massey and Dr. Helen Martin, a statistician, and staff members who provide all of the required program-generated graphics and data analytics. This service is a cost-saving alternative to hiring an outside staff member to provide the same services. 


Massey & Martin, LLC will provide the following services: 

  • Review data sets and prepare for statistical analysis 

  • Review trend data and make recommendations to the curriculum committee about areas needing further analysis 

  • Compile and analyze important data sets, such as graduation rates, student attrition rates, faculty and staff attrition rates, course grades below C, preceptor evaluation of students, PANCE scores, EORE scores, remediation practices, and faculty evaluation of curriculum and administrative aspects of the program 

  • Provide graphics required for the SSR submission 

  • Compile and analyze data from admissions cycle to determine appropriate metrics and recommendations to the admissions committee 

  • Analyze formative and summative data to determine student risk stratification 

  • Analyze graduate outcome, such as PANCE 

  • Review and analyze clinical year data from preceptors and students 

  • Provide assessment support for the Physician Assistant program director 

  • Assist in developing a timeline for the SSR submission 

  • Provide training for the faculty and program director on data analytics 

This service allows PA program committees, such as assessment and curriculum committees, to have access to on-time data sets necessary to make annual modifications to program policy and curriculum. Most importantly, the program faculty and program director will be provided mentorship to fully understand and interpret the data presented. 

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