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Massey & Martin, LLC proudly offers multi-part webinars, focused on sharing insights and helpful information to help PA educators increase their skills, understanding, and knowledge. Best of all, attending each series is FREE of charge!

Mastering PA Program Excellence: Solutions Unveiled Through Data Triangulation

Date: Friday, February 9th, 16th, and 23rd Time: 12:00 ET Duration: 30 Minutes(Webinar calls will be recorded).

Join us for a free informative webinar series led by Dr. Scott Massey, Ph.D., PA-C., about data triangulation, a powerful tool for evaluating and improving PA programs.

The series will cover how this method can help you gather and analyze data from multiple sources, giving you a comprehensive understanding of your program outcomes.

Webinar FAQs

Massey & Martin, LLC's webinars are always FREE!

Yes, you must register to attend a webinar series. Click the "Reserve a Seat" button under whichever webinar series you'd like to join—registering is simple and fast!

Although each part in our webinar series is designed to build off of the previous one, you are welcome to join us even if you missed the first part(s).

We'll soon be sharing all of our past recorded webinars. Keep an eye out!

At this time, we are not providing a copy of the PPTs used in our webinars.


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