Student Success Workshop


This workshop is for faculty in the early stages of their educational career, as well as for seasoned faculty who require assistance with promotion and tenure. The student success program design and delivery will be guided by relevant theoretical frameworks, including principles of self-directed learning, reflective practice, and situated learning.


  • Provide formational skills to ensure appropriate student remediation 

  • Incorporate structure, policies, and procedures to ensure a protocol-based approach to all students

  • Implement appropriate interventions to ensure students are provided appropriate referrals in the area of stress and personal issues

  • Conduct personal reflections to ensure past experiences will not impact effectiveness when intervening with students at risk for failure or deceleration


The Student Success workshop includes several basic, proven intervention methods to ensure student success during their time in the PA program. This includes personal reflection and the development of individual philosophies involving remediation and intervention of students at risk. 

"After Massey & Martin, LLC presented the Student Success Workshop, they assisted us with implementing several measures: We offered two sessions on study skills, life balance, and stress. We then required students to meet for mid-term advising. We modified our professionalism form for students to note and reflect on their strengths and weaknesses, develop a plan to address the weaknesses, and create an ongoing professional development process. Finally, we added a mandatory "Adult Mental Health First Aid" training day for students."

West Liberty University
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