5th Edition Standards Workshop


The purpose of this one- or two-day workshop is to comprehensively review the new 5th Edition Standards regarding the Self-Study Report. Programs can elect to request either a one-day workshop only or the two-day package.

Day One

This 8-hour workshop will introduce the program to the new requirements for Appendix 14. This includes an overview of the data assessment requirements for the following elements of Appendix 14:

  • Appendix 14 A: Timeline for Data Gathering and Analysis

  • Appendix 14 B: Administrative Aspects of the Program and Institutional Resources

  • Appendix 14 C: Effectiveness of the Didactic Curriculum

  • Appendix 14 D: Effectiveness of the Clinical Curriculum

  • Appendix 14 E: Preparation of Graduates to Achieve Program Defined Competencies

  • Appendix 14 F: PANCE Performance 

  • Appendix 14 G: Sufficiency and Effectiveness of Principal and Instructional Faculty and Staff

  • Appendix 14 H: Success in Meeting the Program’s Goals

  • Planning for the Future-Next Steps

This workshop will incorporate the individual programs on data sources to provide examples of how the data collection data analysis, conclusions based on the data, and action plans can be incorporated.

Day Two (Optional)

The second day of the 5th Edition Standards Workshop incorporates methodology on how to bring your assessment system to the next level. Your PA program will be provided with exemplars of how committee structure and data analysis can be systematized, including examples of graphical and tabular self-assessment plans, which can be incorporated into the program’s internal assessment process. The overview covered in the first day will then be incorporated into these advanced elements. The workshop facilitator will guide the program as they adopt new assessment methods to ensure compliance with the 5th Edition Standards.

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