Roles in the Student Success Coaching Model

scott's thoughts Mar 02, 2022

In previous blogs, we introduced the ideas behind Massey & Martin, LLC’s Student Success Coaching Model, our comprehensive array of services to ensure student success within your PA program. We developed the methodology through more than twenty years of remediation practice and advanced assessment methods, then specially designed the methodology for PA programs experiencing higher-than-desirable attrition rates and lower-than-expected academic outcomes. These methods both raise  first-time taker pass rates on the PANCE, and lower attrition rates within PA Programs. The Student Success Coaching Model uses validated assessment instruments for the end of the didactic year and summative exams for the conclusion of the program that provide strong prediction for future PANCE results.

But of course, none of this works without the participation of people. No amount of data entry or scores on a spreadsheet will save a struggling student from failing a class, a test, a certification exam - or from simply giving up altogether. A Student Success program requires activity and commitment from every level.

  1. Instructors and students begin with improved understanding of learning styles and the demands of a PA education
  2. If difficulties arise, the student and/or instructor recognizes that there is a problem
  3. Instructors/advisors meet with the student to identify the cause and solution
  4. Advisors introduce students in need of remediation assistance to the Academic Improvement Program (a carefully monitored plan for success!)
  5. The Student Success Coaching model and the Academic Improvement Program thoroughly track and acknowledge outcomes. Thus, the program relies on accountability – particularly from the student, and from the coach, advisors and/or faculty.

A program needing the devoted efforts of every party should have a good understanding of those parties and their contributions. Regarding those involved, we believe that faculty, even those reluctant to learn a new system, will come to recognize the marked improvement of an organized system of student remediation. We recommend that your program choose its Success Coaches from those faculty most enthusiastic about the implementation of Student Success. We train those chosen as Success Coaches with even more effective ways to provide solutions and interventions to students in need.

Finally, we believe that students invested in attaining a PA education will do what they need to do, in order to be successful. When approached in a supportive, non-punitive way, these students welcome a chance to learn how to do better. Students who do not acknowledge a clear need for assistance or accept the offer of help when it is extended are probably not suited for the rigors or demands of PA education and careers.

In the three upcoming issues of our blog, we will discuss the roles within the Student Success Package: the faculty, the Success Coach, and the students themselves. We look forward to introducing the vital contribution each party makes to the overall process. Join us for this exciting overview of the working parts for improving your students’ academic outcomes and establishing your PA Program as one in which students are valued and guided toward their best performance.


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