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Personalized Consulting

We provide mentoring and consulting services to help your PA Program achieve and maintain accreditation

Mock Site Visits

We offer Mock Site Visits and a full report to help you avoid citations during the ARC-PA Site Visit

Interactive Workshops

We offer a range of workshops to help your staff and faculty continue growing in their expertise

Massey & Martin, LLC assists PA educators with program development by offering personalized, interactive mentoring and consulting services that guide PA programs to achieve and maintain accreditation.

Consulting Services

Massey & Martin, LLC offers a variety of consulting services to help your PA Program achieve or maintain accreditation. We work with programs at every state, including probation.

Whether you need consulting for an enrollment increase, comprehensive data services, or initial provisional status, we've got you covered.

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We offer several workshops focused on improving your PA faculty's academic skills and knowledge. All of our workshops are offered in-person or virtual, depending on your school's preference.

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Massey & Martin, LLC proudly offers FREE multi-part webinars focused on sharing insights and helpful information to help PA educators increase their skills, understanding, and knowledge. Sign up for an upcoming webinar today!

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Learning to Love Data

Learning to Love Data is the perfect guide to help you implement improvements based on hard data. Filled with insights from multiple experts, downloadable resources, and easy-to-understand walkthroughs, Learning to Love Data will help you overcome data overload stress!

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"Massey & Martin, LLC have been responsive to my PA program's needs. They've provided helpful guidance during each phase of our program."

Blair Whitaker
University of the Cumberlands Northern Kentucky Campus

"Dr. Massey provided meaningful feedback, was always responsive, and helped us navigate the nuances of the accreditation process."

Priscilla Marsicovetere
Franklin Pierce University Physician Assistant Program

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